We welcome lives and with your help, we transform their future by providing them with a more dignified opportunity for life, as well as a family atmosphere in which a comprehensive education focused on values ​​is developed. Our 11 houses offer testimony to all of this. Get to know them and help us change the lives of those who need it most!

Don Bosco Shelters

In the “Don Bosco” Houses we welcome  girls and adolescents in situations of social risk, offering them the comprehensive care they require according to their situation, offering them an experience of home, human-Christian formation, education for work, promoting family reintegration and social with Salesian methodology and charism.

  • Academically our beneficiaries receive primary education.
  • Academically our beneficiaries receive secondary education
  • Academically our beneficiaries receive technical education
  • In training our beneficiaries receive personal and spiritual accompaniment
  • In socio-labor training and orientation, our beneficiaries receive vocational and labor orientation, promoting reintegration into the labor market.
  • In the family, our beneficiaries receive family guidance and monitoring.


How can you support us?

In order to continue giving them adequate care and training, we need to cover the costs of food, clothing, education and recreation. For this we require that you support us in the following ways:

  • With piggy banks: It is an invitation to companies or individuals to collaborate with the placement of piggy banks in commercial establishments, in order to identify with our cause. This work represents a valuable contribution, since the proceeds will be used to continue our programs and projects.
  • Study sponsorship: It is the help with which people and institutions sponsor a boy or girl, covering everything related to their studies, giving them a close follow-up to continue ensuring their progressive progress.
  • Becoming a Friend of Don Bosco: He is a natural person (you, me, a relative, a neighbor, a friend) or legal person (a club, a company, a store) who shares Don Bosco's dream and decides to give a small financial contribution sustained through your credit card or savings account at a financial institution and / or through the LD Don Bosco Telephone Plan.

You can collaborate from any field in which you develop:


  • Donating company products.
  • Collaborating in the organization of technical training courses for boys and girls.
  • Sponsoring one of our houses.
  • Financing programs.


  • Offering professional services and knowledge on a voluntary basis.
  • Donating educational and school material (books, pens, notebooks, games, uniforms, etc.).
  • Donating food.
  • Donating medications.

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Support through mini-projects

The foundation has implemented a crowdfunding platform so that our benefactors from around the world can contribute in a timely manner to one of our many current projects; and thus meet the goals set for our boys. We invite you to review our different fields of action and help us with your contribution.

Our campaigns

The Don Bosco Foundation carries out different types of campaigns throughout the year. These serve to immediately benefit different groups that have our support. Among our various actions are the collection of clothes, groceries, medicines, telephone campaigns for donations, etc. We invite you to stay up to date with our different activities and collaborate with those who need it most. Remember that the result of a good action is always another good action.