Education & Job Promotion

We work through technical colleges, as well as technical institutes and programs for the promotion of women.

Prevention of family abandonment

We support through the Shelter for children, adolescents and young people in extreme poverty and at risk.

Health care

Through free medical campaigns and medical centers, thousands of children from the most needy sectors benefit.


The mini-projects finance individual campaigns throughout Peru. Enter and know all our current mini-projects.


Our campaigns are immediate actions of the foundation whose purpose is to collect donations. Take a look at our latest campaigns.

Dear friends, we are the team of the Don Bosco Foundation. It fills us with joy to greet them and at the same time transmit to them the hope that moves us daily, the same that makes it possible to organize and manage solidarity campaigns in favor of the children and youth of our country, who need it most. From the foundation we constantly work to make those dreams possible, which although they seem small, are capable of drawing big smiles. We firmly believe that there is no more genuine love than selfless giving. We invite you to learn about the work of our foundation, see the specific projects and also those in which we continue to work.
The values ​​that represent us have allowed us not to be oblivious to the difficult reality that many of our children live today, therefore, we feel the duty to dedicate our time to this noble cause; the love we receive in return is our engine. We want to share this experience with you and motivate you to feel that same love. Remember that the result of a good action will always be another good action. We wait for you, with hope.


In the Educational Field and Labor Promotion, we work through schools with a technical variant, where we promote the improvement of infrastructure and its equipment. In Productive Technical Centers known as CETPROS, which aim to train low-income youth professionals in technical specialties. And in Programs for the Promotion of Women, which support the strengthening of the capacities of women in situations of social vulnerability.

In the Prevention Field, we support through the Shelters for boys, girls, adolescents and young people in extreme poverty and situations of social risk. In these houses an experience of home, human and Christian formation is offered, promoting family insertion.
The daily and festive oratories, which are training and recreation centers for minors. We benefit more than 5000 boys and girls.

In the Health Field, the Don Bosco Foundation provides support in the free Medical Campaigns of various specialties and the implementation of medical centers belonging to the Salesian Family.



Our team

At the foundation we have a large number of professionals who make our projects run in the most transparent and organized way possible. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated human group.

  • Marcos Calderón
  • Elsa Lazo
  • Indrid Paucar
  • Juan Pardo
  • Lourdes Liendo
  • Elena Ganoza
  • Elena Atachagua
  • Carmen Sofía Flores
  • Antony Orihuela

P. Raúl Acuña Gallo

Being in the Don Bosco Foundation means being able to share with the neediest youth, children and families; it is being faithful to Don Bosco in his option for the poorest and most abandoned. Thanks to the solidarity of you and of many people in Peru and the World we can reach all corners of our Peru and transform their lives. Thank you Don Bosco Foundation. Count on our Prayer.

Marcos Calderón Sam

I feel part of a dream come true for more than 200 years… it motivates me because I know that I contribute with a grain of sand to transform the lives of many poor young people in the coast, mountains and jungle of my Peru…

Elsa Lazo Bazán

Working at the Don Bosco Foundation has allowed me to develop empathy and solidarity ... knowing that my work helps the development of other people, such as children and young people, is my greatest motivation. My growth has been professional and, above all, personal.

Carmen Flores Huamán

"And everything you do, do it from the heart, as for the Lord and not for men" Col. 3:23 and my family, are the motivation of my work and the challenge of my day to day. Since I joined the Foundation, I feel that my work transcends the walls of the office, and reaches the young people, the children of the different social works that the institution attends. Thankful for belonging to the Foundation team.

Yndrid Paucar Collahua

I am grateful to God and to the Salesians for working at the Don Bosco Foundation, for the opportunity to be part of this great team, for developing my professional and spiritual formation, taking into account Don Bosco's great mission and vision, his motto: “ Human education and Christian formation in an integral way ”, his passion“ Integral Salvation of Youth ”. My motivation is to give the best of myself at all times or circumstances, to be an agent who adds to the growth of Don Bosco's work. To be supportive in the spiritual and professional growth of my daughter, to see for the care and attention of my parents and for my great family of FAITH, highlighting living Christian values ​​guided by the holy spirit. ”

Elena Atachagua Alanya

I am very grateful to God and to the Don Bosco Foundation (FDB) for allowing me to develop my skills in the management of social projects. In 2010 after 2 years of volunteering in the Cusco mission transmitting teachings and messages through Radio Illariy , sharing many experiences with the boys, girls and Salesians of the Casa de Acogida Laura Vicuña and Miguel Magone, it was a blessing to arrive at the FDB, since he knew closely the work of the Salesian works of Quebrada Honda, Monte Salvado, Calca, Amparaes and Lares; Now I had the opportunity to support them to continue doing so many good things in favor of so many children, youth, families of the peasant communities, rural women, so I got involved in the work for the poor children who are trained in the Centers. of Education Productive Technicians (CETPROS), boys who go to the Oratories looking for a place that welcomes them, people who are benefited by the services of the Salesian Medical Centers, young people from the Foster Homes ... So many lived experiences. Thanks to the people who gave me the opportunity, Thanks FDB

Elena Ganoza Alemán

Working at the Don Bosco Foundation allows me to strengthen my vocation of service with professionalism, humanism and above all that Christ is at the center of my work.

Juan Pardo Molero

As head of the project area I feel that we are actively contributing to the Mission of the Salesians in Peru, day by day I am motivated by the faces and testimonies of the beneficiaries of social works as they show positive changes in their lives.

Lourdes Liendo Vargas

Social worker, specializing in the management of social projects. During these years of service I have been able to witness the generosity and solidarity of many people who believe in what is done from the Don Bosco Foundation, with their contribution we are able to transform lives, especially the poorest. My personal experience of working at the Don Bosco Foundation is simply fascinating. I consider myself an instrument in the hands of God.