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The month of Mary Help of Christians in Piura

One of the sweetest and most tender moments of the school season in most schools in Peru, especially if it is a Catholic school, is undoubtedly the month of May.

In all Salesian social and educational works, to which the Don Bosco Foundation belongs, devotion to Mary Help of Christians is cultivated and celebrated, always with the clarity that we venerate Her and that the only one we adore is God.

Some curious facts:

  • The first to call the Virgin Mary "helper" were Christians in Greece, Egypt, Antioch, Ephesus, Alexandria, and Athens.
  • "La Auxiliadora" interceded in the battles of Lepanto and Vienna.
  • In Pius V's pontificate, the Euro-Christian peoples gathered a huge force to stop the advance of the Turks who in 1572 led a powerful army in order to definitively conquer Europe.
  • There, the Christian armies gathered from all the European nations, managed to definitively defeat the invaders.
  • The Pope had asked all of Christendom to pray and include the dedication Sancta Maria Auxilium Christianorum.
  • Don Bosco and the Salesians are credited with popularizing the devotion to Mary Help of Christians in the world. Sanctuaries arose in many countries, the most famous being precisely that of the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Turin.
  • Mary Help of Christians is the main patron saint of the Salesian Family and its works.
  • During his apostolic trip to Turin in 2015, Pope Francis said that he was educated in a Salesian school and that he learned to love Mary Help of Christians during her childhood.
  • The central day of the Fiesta is May 24.

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